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General Information

Our AS Series of one-part conductive particle fill room temperature vulcanising (RTV) silicone rubber adhesives is available using standard silicone and flurosilicone base compounds combined with a selection of particle fillers to produce a readily extrudable paste which self-cures when exposed to atmospheric moisture. Once the thixotropic paste is fully cured it provides excellent adhesion and low volume resistivity.


AS filled silicone adhesives are generally employed as caulking materials to fill voids, surface imperfections on mating surfaces or to retain a conductive gasket in position during assembly. Most conductive gaskets depend on flat, accurate and clean mating surfaces to provide a positive, low impedance bond and the additional use of conductive adhesives should be avoided wherever possible.

Shelf life is up to one year if kept in the original packaging and stored in a dry atmosphere below 23°C.

AS adhesives should be injected under pressure if possible, and, where used as or with a gasket medium should be retained under pressure whilst curing. This enhances the conductivity of the compound. Care should be taken when handling the compound as contact can irritate the skin and eyes.

Silfill Conductive Adhesive | AS Series


Standard base rubber is Silicone. Flurosilicone is available to special order.

How to order

Series-Filler code-Tube size

Series Filler Code Tube Size
MS=Silfil conductive adhesive N=Nickel Graphite 005= 0.5 fluid ounce tube
  G=Silver Glass 010=1.0 fluid ounce tube
  K=Silver Nickel 025=2.5 fluid ounce cartridge
  J=Silver Aluminium 103=10.3 fluid ounce cartridge
  H=Silver Copper  

Examples / Notes

Some filler types may be subject to minimum order quantities.
AS-N-005 is an 0.5 fluid ounce tube of nickel-graphite filled silicone adhesive
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