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Products: EMC Thin Vent Panels | VT Series

General Information

VT thin vent panels are effectively slimmer versions of the VF airfilters but with different filtration media. The VT series comprises two basic types referred to as A & B.

VT(A) panels incorporate an expanded aluminium mesh which is crimped into an aluminium extrusion frame.  The VT(A) style offers excellent dust filtration and RF shielding performance but considerably restricted airflow.

The VT(B) styles utilise a lower profile extruded aluminium frame (4.8mm) than the VT(A) into which a woven aluminium or expanded Monel foil is crimped.


VT thin vent panels are designed for enclosures or racks where RF attenuation and protection from the ingress of foreign bodies is required but space is at a premium.

VT(A) panels are nominally 6.0mm thick inside a 4.8mm thick frame and provide attenuation levels considerably higher than the VT(B) types which have a very small effect on airflow but offer less shielding effectiveness. 

VT(A) & VT(B) shielding materials have very different properties and their airflow characteristics are a function of size, positioning, application and airflow source / volume.  We suggest that a sample of the materials is requested for customer testing before specifications are finalised - please ask our sales office.

EMC Thin Vent Panels | VT Series


For gasket material specifications please refer to the K Range, E Range and S Range pages.



Frequency Field Type VT(A)Type VT(B1)Type VT(B2)
10 KHz H 25 10 10
100 KHZ H 45 25 18
1 MHz H 58 35 36
1 MHz E >100 93 >100
10 MHz E >100 95 >100
100 MHz E >100 97 95
1 GHz P 73 54 45
10 GHz P 54 18 18

Note VT(B1) media is woven aluminium 0.5mm @ 16 OPI (openings per inch)

VT(B2) media is expanded Monel mesh 0.5mm @ 12 OPI

Technical Drawings


Overall dimensions ± 0.8mm
Fixing holes/fasteners ± 0.5mm
  with jigs ± 0.2mm

How to order

Specify: Series-Frame Style- Vent Media-Overall Size-Number of fixings-Fixing Type/Size
Where possible please provide a detailed drawing.

Series Frame Style Filter Media Overall Size Fixings (No.) Fixing Type
VT(A) TV1 05=Expanded aluminium xxxx-xxxx xx xx
 VT(B) TV2 06=Woven aluminium      
  TV3 07=Expanded Monel      

Examples / Notes

VT(A)-TV2-05-2320-2320-12-T/H(M4) specifies a thin vent utilising expanded and crimped aluminium alloy media within a TV2 frame with 12 size M4 through fixing holes.  The gasket should be specified as shown in the gasket materials sections of the website & catalogue.

Download the Attenuation Vents Range as a PDF