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EMI Shielding Products

Use our online catalogue to browse through examples of our main products. We offer a fully flexible service and offer customised products manufactured to meet your needs.

If you have a specific requirement or a query regarding any of our standard products, please contact our support team now for a full and prompt answer.

Knitshield - Knitted Mesh
Available in six ranges depending on the use. Provides excellent EMI Shielding in enclosed areas.
Metweave - Woven Fabric Gasketing
Highly conductive fabric wrapped around a range of foam cores. Available in a wide range of colours and profiles.
Winshield - Shielded Windows
Strong, shielding effective and see-through. The strength of shielding, laminating and size are all completely specific to your order.
Silshield - Oriented wires in silicone
Long lasting and high strength oriented wires in solid or sponge silicone. Available in fire, water and chemical resistant forms.
Maxshield - Specialised Materials
Ultra thin materials supplied as pre-cut gaskets constructed to customers specific requirements or in sheets.
Ventshield - Attenuation Vents
EMC vents are perfect for adding ventilation and airflow while not compromising on the quality of shielding protection. Made to your specification in materials ranging from aluminium honeycomb to galvanised or tin-plated heavy duty steel.
Exshield - Conductive Silicone
Highly conductive Silicone extrusions containing metal powder fillers. Available in a wide range of fillers, from Nickel to Pure Silver, conductive Silicone provides high attenuation and excellent environmental sealing.
Contact Finger Strips
Effective, non-flammable, long life strips in a wide range of profiles to suit all applications.
Conductive Foil Tapes
Our range of conductive foil tape offers a cost effective solution to EMC shielding. Tapes are available in both copper and aluminium with a conductive adhesive.
Connector Gaskets
Handformed and precision diecut gaskets made from a selection of materials.
Conductive Adhesives
One-part conductive particle filled room temperature curing (RTV) silicone rubber adhesives.
Non-Conductive Gaskets
Non-conductive gaskets manufactured from a wide range of materials to suit customer applications.