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General Information

In addition to the manufacture of gaskets for electromagnetic shielding, we offer a wide range of non-conductive gaskets. These can be used in applications where an environmental seal against dust and/or liquid ingress is required. For ease of handling and storage, these can be supplied in complete labelled and bagged kits.

Gaskets can be die-stamped in complex shapes, with or without self-adhesive backing. Custom jointed O-Rings are also available.

Typical materials used are silicones, neoprene and EPDM. These are available in fire retardant variants to UL94-V0 and UL94-HF1. For ESD applications carbon loaded silicone is available. Gaskets can be cut from almost any form of rubber, fabric, foil or composite material to suit individual applications.


RS Series gaskets, seals and gasket kits can be used as environmental seals in most types of enclosure. They are fitted in the same way as conductive gaskets and can be adhesive backed or combined with conductive materials to provide dual-purpose seals.

Non-Conductive Rubber and Gasket Kits | RS Series


Individual material specifications are available on request. contact us with your specification and we will source specific materials for inclusion in purpose built kits. Gasket kits can be created to customers own specifications to include almost any form of rubber, fabric or composite materials, cut or stamped to suit individual applications.

How to order

Please provide a detailed drawing indicating material required or contact us to discuss specific applications.
Download the Non-Conductive Rubber & Gasket Kits Series as a PDF