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Products: Window Meshes | WM Series

General Information

We also supply Woven Copper and Stainless Steel meshes for customers to make their own screens. Untreated (non-blackened) mesh material is available pre-cut although it is advisable to order this by the linear metre to avoid handling and fraying problems. Blackened copper mesh can be pre-cut and packed in bulk or single sheets for ease of handling.

Window Meshes | WM Series


Material types available

Copper and Stainless Steel

Material Width:

Normally 1200 mm which we will confirm at time of order.

Openings per inch (OPI):

  • Standard = 100
  • Special = 50, 70 and 145

Wire diameters:
.002" and .001" (.051 and .025 mm)

How to order

Generally by description, stating wire type, finish, size and tolerances if cut pieces.

Download the Shielded Windows Range as a PDF